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Clwyd EnvironmentalServices

Ffrith Y Defaid crossway road Pen y Cefn Flintshire ch7 5bp UK

Clwyd Environmental Services Ltd.

"Providing the very best in ground care"

We Care About The Environment

We are committed to ensuring that our services have the least environmental impact possible.

Our Environmental Policy addresses many of the concerns that companies may have when choosing a new service provider.

Businesses and private individuals have a legal duty of care to ensure that their current service provider is meeting the current legislation in regards to registration and management of waste. 

We are registered with the Environment Agency and Natural Resource Wales as licensed waste carriers and brokers.

Our company vehicles use bio fuel road diesel and traditional diesel fuel,Bio fuel diesel is made from 100% recycled waste food oils.

We only use bio degradable chain oil and can use Aspen 2 stoke Alkylate petrol in all of our petrol engined equipment. This contains virtually no Sulphur and no Benzene so is significantly more eco friendly than normal unleaded petrol.

We can also use Aspen 4 stroke petrol in our pedestrian mowers.

All pest control products are specifically chosen for each application to lessen the impact they may have on the environment and it's immediate surroundings.

We recycle 100% of any green waste produced in undertaking any work.

All of the waste is taken to Flintshire recycling centrers where it is composted and then made available for sale to the public.

No green waste goes into landfill sites !

All of the timber removed from our tree work is processed by our company and then taken to local fuel merchants for use in traditional open fires and log burning stoves.

Recent independent scientific research show that this traditional form of fuel has less of an environmental impact than many other forms of fuel, making it a very efficient way of heating the modern home.

Our company also offers a "Plant a Tree Scheme" where we will plant a native broad-leaved tree where we have undertaken a full tree removal, although this not always possible, where permitted we will undertake this service free of charge.

 Want to know more? please contact us to discuss your requirements in greater depth.