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Clwyd EnvironmentalServices

Ffrith Y Defaid crossway road Pen y Cefn Flintshire ch7 5bp UK

Clwyd Environmental Services Ltd.

"Providing the very best in ground care"

Game Shoot and Conservation Consultancy are provide by our company to complement any existing programs you may have at present or indeed as a new business venture or program that you may wish to implement.

We can help with all aspects of the game shoot management, game keeping and conservation advice, All advice is designed to achieve the very best from your existing sporting grounds with a an emphasis on providing achievable goals for your Estate or sporting Syndicate.

We can also advise and develop fishing waters for both game and course fishing activities, these can be included into a larger sporting plan for the general sporting activities on any estate or property. We can undertake all fish re-stocking into new or existing lakes and ponds or provide advice on how to best improve fish stock densities and undertake unwanted fish species removal by the way of electro-fishing techniques.

Our services will include a detailed plan for the client t use for the implementation of any new ideas or we can manage the development and work in conjunction with existing personal and contractors to achieve the final goals. This service is designed to complement existing plans and enhance the sporting themes for our clients

We specialise in providing advice and initiating wild birds development plans and enhancing conservation schemes on current sporting ventures where landowners are looking to enhance this area of there sport and as a bigger conservation program.

Let us help your syndicate or Sporting Estate achieve the very best it can,

Please contact us for further information on this service.