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Clwyd EnvironmentalServices

Ffrith Y Defaid crossway road Pen y Cefn Flintshire ch7 5bp UK

Clwyd Environmental Services Ltd.

"Providing the very best in ground care"

Our Company provides Pest Control services to cover all situations specialising in Agricultural and Forestry pests and their control.

We can also provide a catch and release services where nuisance pests can be captured using humane catch alive traps and relocated to a more suitable area. All animals are inspected for health issues and disease before release. Under UK law certain animals cannot be released after capture and we can advise and offer solutions for all cases we encounter.

We only use the very best products sourced from national suppliers where we can guarantee supply and product quality.

We are partnered with our supplier to dispose of any pest control waste and unused product where it is disposed of by our national supplier.

All the Rodenticides and Insecticides used are specifically chosen to meet each individual client requirements, This ensures that the client receives the very best services and is not just limited to generic products that other companies may use for similar treatments.

Our company employs the latest night vision equipment for undertaking pest control works at night and we can also use the same equipment to undertake population densities and surveys before any treatments and plans are implemented.

In Agricultural and Forestry pest problems we can liaise with other land owners / contractors to insure that any treatment plans and services are carried out n a professional and efficient manner.

Pest control services can be combined with other services. All consultancy works and management plans are produced by our company and with twenty five years experience in this sector you can be assured of a high level of service.

All services and techniques used are industry approved and we also use tried and tested methods for the removal of nuisance pests with our Catch & Release system. 

This service is subject to UK law regarding the release of certain animals after capture

Please call to discuss your requirements for a free telephone consultation where we can best advise on treatment plans and actions that may be required