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Clwyd EnvironmentalServices

Ffrith Y Defaid crossway road Pen y Cefn Flintshire ch7 5bp UK

Clwyd Environmental Services Ltd.

"Providing the very best in ground care"

Tree Surgery

All tree works and tree surgery tasks are performed to industry standards and fully adhere to any code of practices that are in place for the completion of such works.

Our team can advise on the best solution for for you the client and the most cost effective way for any works that may be required.

We can provide complete tree and under-story / scrub removal services from a single tree to the clearance of a larger site, where multiple tree may have to be removed.

We will always use the most appropriate method of removing tree waste from your property – this may be simply chipping the arisings into an Arborist Tipper van or may involve more varied systems depending on site and where multiple trees are involved.

The site will be left in a clean and safe state upon the completion of any works, where works cannot be completed in one day then temporary fencing can be employed to ensure that there can be no unauthorised access to the work areas.

We work regularly with the Tree Officers to provide appropriate ways of dealing with trees with Tree Preservation Orders and trees within Conservation Areas which are acceptable to our clients and yet meet the requirements of legislation.

Tree Surveys & Reports

We can offer advice about managing the trees on your development site including preparation of

BS 5837 reports for trees in relation to new builds, extensions and demolishing buildings, suitable to support a planning application.

Tree condition reports are undertaken so our clients and customers can meet their duty of care obligation to staff and customers or the general public.

These reports allow us to advise and undertake Tree Surgery works & Tree Removals for any client whether domestic or commercial.

Tree Safety legislation ‘duty of care’.

  • Under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957/1984, anyone who owns, rents or ‘occupies’ land has a legal ‘duty of care’ to take ‘reasonable steps’ to ensure that the trees on their land are in a safe condition and do not place people or property at risk.
  • In addition, the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires organisations to ensure that trees under their care do not cause foreseeable damage to their employees or the public.

Rhodenderon Control

Introduced to the UK from the Iberian peninsula in 1763, Rhododendron ponticum was widely planted in gardens and parks and was planted extensively in Victorian hunting estates to provide shelter for game birds. Thriving on wet, acidic soils and mild climate,

Rhododendrons spread rapidly beyond its original range to move into the countryside and successfully out-compete native plant life and threaten biodiversity.

Rhododendrons develop a dense canopy supported by a tangle of woody stems which casts such a deep shade that nothing can grow underneath them - reducing the space available for native flowers, mosses, lichens and other wildlife.

Rhododendron ponticum and its hybrids (often referred to as simply rhododendron), Within the UK Biodiversity Action Plan it is identified as a serious threat to upland oakwoods and several lower plants and fungi and may also act as an intermediate host for the Phytophthera ‘sudden oak death’ fungus.

Clwyd Environmental Services can offer the following solutions for controlling and the management of Rhododendron in the UK.

  • Applying chemical treatments to cut stumps and foliar regrowth
  • Hand-pulling seedlings
  • Foliar spraying
  • Mechanical flailing
  • Manual cutting
  • Stem injection treatment

Woodland Management

We specialise in small woodland management and can support woodland owners to utilise their timber resources to provide an income or to regenerate over grown woodland and to establish a better balance for habitat improvement and utilising the woodland for the client own requirements.

To complement our management and consultancy business we offer a full range of operational contracting services covering woodland, tree and land management.

We can liaise for the customer and find the correct buyer for the timber either standing in the wood, or process it into billets for the customer to season and sell on as firewood.

All of our work is carried out to industry best practice standards and in accordance with the relevant legislation.

  • Estate and Woodland Staff Management
  • Woodland Creation
  • Woodland Stewardship
  • Open space Management
  • Supply of Trees and Planting Products

Orchard Management

We can advise you on all aspects of planning your new orchard from selecting the trees to suit your site and the North Wales climate.

We will advise on crop improvement, pests and diseases, pruning and tree care.

We also plant, prune and provide tree aftercare and can manage mature orchards.

We offer pest control services to help control problem pests that may be encountered by the Orchard owner,

Tree Surgery & Woodland Management works are include:

  • Crown Lifting
  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown Thinning
  • Pollarding
  • Dead Wood Removal 
  • Tree Surgery Works for trees with Tree Preservation Order (TPO)
  • Storm Damage Tree Removal
  • Woodland Management Plans to UKWAS Standards
  • Grant Applications and Advice
  • Felling Licence Applications

We provide this service throughout North Wales and Cheshire for both small and large Commercial Clients and Domestic Customers alike.

Our clients are important to us. We focus on high quality service provision delivering projects to budget, within define time frames and with high regard to safety standards.

We also offer 24 hour emergency call out for tree surgery and storm damage trees, this is subject to a risk assessment being undertaken before any works are started to ensure that all codes of practice and staff safety are complied with.